Danny Kelly Music
52 Weeks,
52 Songs
Danny has set himself a challenge: starting from his 29th birthday he will write a song a week until he turns 30! 
The rules are simple - he MUST write AT LEAST ONE song each week from 21/02/19-21/02/20. He MUST share at least one UPDATE each WEEK about his progress  -either in this blog or on Instagram. He MUST record at least one 10 song ALBUM in March 2020 which features the best 10 of 52 songs.  Danny has been writing songs since he was a teenager but at some point this was put on the back burner and he became interested in perfecting his guitar, bass and vocal performances instead. But as his life has taken many new turns in the recent years he has decided to challenge himself by exploring his mind :) This is a mission in creativity but it is much more than that: it's about discipline, motivation, confidence, self awareness, history, society, family, Celtic FC. . .the big stuff! Regardless it's kind of new. Danny isn't expecting every song to be album worthy but he is positive that there will be some beautiful gems written.
Sharing this challenge is important. People are more likely to be successful if they share and receive feedback. Plus having you along for the journey will add so much to the adventure. Danny is going to keep you posted each week with how he has been getting on. Get involved - think of ideas for him or give some critical feedback! Watch his videos - share his videos! Catch him at his gigs. Push for your favourite songs to be on the final album :)